In this section I will provide brief commentary and links to important video presentations related to the dangers of unchecked corporate power.  This section, like the entire blogsite, is a work in progress, so stay tuned for new additions.

1.  The world has been blessed with a finite set of resources -- a vast amount, to be sure, but of limited quantity.  The exploitation of these resources, even our most basic resource, water, is increasingly in the uncontrolled and unsupervised hands of large corporations.  By their nature, corporations are unconcerned with "externalities" beyond the profit motive.  We must ensure that decisions about our most precious and life-sustaining gifts are not left to the corporate drive to maximize.

Prophets of Doom is presents an excellent overview of the perils facing our world in such areas as water, energy and technology.

The video can be viewed here.

2.  Related to the topic of finite resources, there are many excellent documentaries and films you can access.  These include:

 - A World Without Water, view the video here.
 - An Inconvenient Truth, view the video here.
 - Earth: The Climate Wars, view the video here.
 - Gasland, view the video here.
 - The 11th Hour, view the video here.

3.  Taming the Giant Corporation.  In June of 2007 Ralph Nadar hosted a three-day seminar aimed to going beyond exposé to galvanize discussion, insight and strategic thinking about how to subordinate corporate power to the will and interests of the people.

 - Nadar's Opening Remarks provide a great summary of the then-current (now much worse) situation, view the video here.
 - Carl Mayers' remarks, "Corporations Are Not People", view the video here.
 - Mark Green's "Corporate Unaccountability and Corporate Charters", view the video here.
 - Gar Alperovitz's, "Strategies to Subordinate Corporations", view the video here.
 - The full conference agenda, with links to all the video presentations, access all the videos here.

4.  G20 in Toronto.  On July 28th I posted on the main page my article Wealth and Democracy.  It riffed on the book of the same name by Kevin Phillips, and I spoke of the danger to democracy in America in the upcoming election cycle over the dominance of corporate cash.  I also pointed out how the state (in the US and here in Canada) has made extraordinary efforts to eliminate public dissent, likely with and expectation and foreknowledge of coming unrest over austerity and economic displacement.

As a companion to my post, and one of the really excellent sites to take on this subject of the internal security state, is RealNewsNetwork.  The links that follow come from Paul Jays investigations into the arrests at the Toronto G20 conference, and the staggering abrogation of human rights in Canada, under our Conservative Prime Minister, Mr. Law and Order, Stephen Harper.  

To see a selection of this material, click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

5.  Gore Vidal: Think.  A 7-part interview on America from TheRealNewsNetwork.