On May 2, 2011, The Conservative Party lead by Stephen Harper gained for the first time a majority of seats in Canada's House of Commons. Although his party did not win a majority of votes in the election, he now has a four year mandate, and has vowed to shape our country in ways that will make it unrecognizable.

This page will track our descent into hell.

1. The first important entry, a primer on our dear leader, is Lawrence Martin's Harperland: The Politics of Control. The author asks, "Do we have a federal government ruling the country, or is it a hit squad that represents very little beyond belligerent self-interest?"

2. Harper and the monarchy. Why are we embracing a colonial deference to a titular head of state that was abandoned many years ago? Because, in part, it reverses an important new direction taken by the Liberal Party (Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, in particular). In part, heightened symbolism is an important component of the strategy to rebrand Canada, and give distinctness to Harper's regime.

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Of course, there are conservative apologists who scoff at the nefarious intent we ascribe to Harper's actions, much like the rich cry class warfare whenever the subject of equitable tax rates and the social contract is raised. Don't believe it.

3. Harper and crime. Despite the facts to the contrary, Stephen Harper says that there's still way too much crime. Well, of course any crime is too much, but a renewed vigilance at this time seems unwarranted. So, of course that is exactly what Stephen Harper has decided to do.

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